Paul N. LeonardOriginally from the SF Bay Area I now reside in Maine. With a wide range of experience throughout my career, I’ve worked in fields including microwave video transmission, spread spectrum satellite data communications, and industrial controls. Developing software on systems with and without an operating system, including CP/M, Unix, Linux, as well as real-time embedded operating systems such as QNX and OS-9,  the experience is there to choose the best fit and make it perform the task required.

Having worked on small teams, the importance of being able to wear many hats and switch tasks as needed is integral to my routine. This also ingrained the importance of using the proper development methodologies and version control. Project management skills have been developed to keep development on track and keep all concerned as up to date on progress.

A strong background in electronics and mathematics means that most often design suggestions, debugging, and testing can be done without bringing in additional personnel. His work environment includes computer and file server, as well as an electronics bench equipped with the most needed test equipment.