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Thank you for visiting, I hope you find the information here helpful and return each week for more. Please comment and share as it may spark ideas for future posts that can help other visitors to the site.

Calendar ImageAt first the posts will come out each Monday and may include either a software or hardware related hint, but the information should be relevant to either in some degree. At some point the posts will diverge, continuing to post Software  each Monday and Hardware each Wednesday.

Respectful and constructive comments are always welcome. Interaction is always encouraged since this is how things progress and remain valuable. Groups have a value that is greater than the sum of its members, but only through a cooperative dialog, so let’s keep it that way.

So the rules are simple; be adult, be respectful, be constructive and we will all get along just fine. If you share what you see here, all I ask is you cite where it came from and possibly direct your audience here to join in fun.

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